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A gallery specialising in Ceramics.

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Jo Raill and Aidan Raill

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Exhibition By Way of the forest

Opening 3rd September

Margaret Bray

Jo Raill

Siriporn Falcon-Grey

Catherine Spence

By Way of the Forest.jpg

Thirty-five years ago my family moved onto the property where Half Pint Gallery and Pottery are located. The small sliver of bush had animals grazing in it and the property was covered in grass and derelict buildings. Two years later there was a large landslide in which the Puriri tree above uprooted and moved down the hill.

35 years on, most of the grass is gone and the property continues to be replanted. The latest area to be developed is above the current area of ancient bush. The replanting will all be native plants. It is an ongoing project which will take years to complete.

To celebrate this reforestation, the idea for the next exhibition 'By Way Of the Forest' was conceived.

jo pic.jpg

Jo Raill


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245 Hunua Road R.D.3 Papakura
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