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Feb-March 2024

'Earth Urns' Naomi Allan

The Best Of Times

Sept -Oct 2023

World Clay Collab an international collaboration

June -July 2023

Past Connections May 2023

Jackie Muller

Bio Luminescence May 2023
Kristina Liekefett


'Where Wear Ware' March 2023

Curated by Sarah Walker-Holt

Peter Derksen

Cindy Huang

Nadene Carr

Caroline Griffin

'By Way of the Forest' 
Margaret Bray, Jo Raill, Catherine Spence, Siriporn-Falcon-Grey
September 2022

Sarah Harrison 'Close Contact' May 2022

Aidan Raill 'dishevelled ' March 2022

Jo Raill 'Hybrid Vases'  March 2022

A short series responding to the collection at Auckland Studio Potters (winter residency 2021)

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